How To Know Exact Troubleshooting Ball Screw

Are you going to check and do ball screw repair? You should know the troubleshooting that may happen to your ball screw. Your ball screws may experience such issues. And here, we will lust some issues that may influence your ball screw condition. It may also relate to the condition that shows any sign of the damage on your ball screw visit us.

Please check the following situation of your ball screw. It is done to know what exactly happens to your ball screw issues.

1. Run The Power Check
In this step, you need to run the power check if it shows the overload condition. The condition of the ball screw is probably closed to permanent failure. Then, measure its backlash located between its ball screw and nut.

2. Checking Wiper
Check the wipers of the nuts both if it is possible assembly. Sometimes, there will be warning about missing wipers, plastic wiper or worn brush, and also felt wipers. Felt wipers of the trap chips can cause permanent failure or wear.

3. Further Check
It includes checking exposed screws for the pits, rusts, and also chatter marks that are in their ball groove. Additionally, you also should check the heavy screw-on areas of the nuts traveling mostly. You need to compare the worn spots and the areas of the nuts where it doesn’t travel well.

4. Ensure Lubrication System Works Properly
Commonly it uses the light oil that can lubricate and also flush the contaminants to be out from its nuts. Additionally, the higher pressure of the lube system will also ensure better lubrication and flushing. Ensure also that you can really see the presence of the oil. For the next step is determining if the oil in that area is clear enough or not, contaminated or not.

When the lube system doesn’t work properly, you need to remove the screw immediately. Actually, this is the right time to check its lube system of the ways, slides, bearings, and also spindles. Of course, you also need to check your ball screw alignment to ensure there is no misalignment to perform well.

Well, those may be the help for you in order to get better ball screw repair notice. It is not only about the option of repairing but also to maintenance and know that your ball screw really needs repair or not.

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